Pepsi Cash for Clubs

Pepsi Cash for Clubs

Following the triumph of the 'Cash for Clubs' campaign in 2020, PMG was entrusted with refreshing it for 2021.

Adapting to the pandemic's challenges, PMG aimed to boost entries by opening the promotion to all clubs and enhancing pre-store and digital support. During a 4-week span from August 1st to August 31st, we launched a nationwide promotion with added 'for me' prizes to encourage individual participation and increase winning chances. The platform was tailored for independent retailers.

A captivating headline emphasizing local appeal was crafted to attract entrants, while a custom-built website, featuring PMG's receipt reader tech, ensured validation, reporting, and insights.

Previous campaign sat at 300 entries, whereas this time around we saw over 3,597 legitimate entries were validated, with dedicated customer service managing prize fulfillment for the winners. This was an increase of 900%, deeming this campaign a whopping success.

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