We enhanced home baking experiences by offering personalized QR code aprons, granting exclusive access to delectable recipes from Anna Polyviou.

Teaming up with celebrity chef Anna Polyviou, we launched the ultimate Winter Baking consumer promotion for White Wings and CSR. For every three purchases across the portfolio, shoppers could claim their own personalized QR code apron.

These aprons provided exclusive access to baking tips, tricks, and recipes from Anna, tailored for White Wings and CSR products.

We created captivating visuals for in-store displays, social media, and a custom website, complete with receipt reader technology for validation and reporting. Dedicated customer service ensured smooth fulfillment of personalized prizes sourced by our production team.

Additionally, PMG collaborated closely with the Goodman Fielder PR team to develop compelling media assets for the campaign.

The campaign's resounding success has established it as an annual brand tradition.

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